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Touchwood Mushrooms

Touchwood Mushrooms Chaga Tincture 50ml

Touchwood Mushrooms Chaga Tincture 50ml

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Touchwood Mushrooms are located in Denmark Western Australia, and they grow their own mushrooms and only import when needed. Their products are pesticide free, chemical free and all natural — bringing you the purest possible mushrooms.


Touchwood Mushrooms powerful Chaga liquid is made from 100% fruit body with no fillers. Their unique extra-strength formula is twice as powerful and saves you money!

Australia’s most potent mushroom liquid.

Made from certified organic Chaga mushrooms
Chaga mushroom benefits have been documented for centuries. This dark conk like growth normally found on hardwood trees like the birch in cool climates. The conk consists mainly of wood lignans and fungal mycelium. Chaga is a parasitic fungus which feeds of the host tree and develops amazing health benefits.

Chaga contains an amazing array of diverse bioactive metabolites many of which can help support a healthy human such as;

Triterpenes, Melanins , Polysaccharides, including Beta Glucans, Benzoic acid derivatives, Ergosterol and Ergosterol peroxide.

Beta Glucans have been under the microscope recently because of their high antioxidative values.

Chaga is known to contain a range of metabolites capable of acting as a potent free radical scavengers .

Chaga is considered a highly popular adaptogen .

Chaga Mushrooms are a nutrient-dense superfood.

Chaga might be ugly in the wild, but beautiful in what it can achieve.

It contains 31 more antioxidants than blueberries!

Touchwood Mushrooms are a TGA compliant company therefore can not state the health benefits on our webpage so we encourage you to research the benefits of Chaga.

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