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Rhus Tox 6c

Rhus Tox 6c

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The following conditions may benefit from Rhus tox: pain and stiffness of bone, connective tissue, joints or tendons from over-exertion when the person feels restless and stiff on beginning to move, much better from movement. It may help flu like symptoms with joint pain from getting wet while perspiring. According to traditional homeopathic texts Rhus tox may be effective in the management of the symptoms related to shingles, chicken pox, eczema and cold sores.

Rhus toxicodendron

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.

Rhus tox is a remedy made from a plant with the peculiarity of its properties being more active during the night; and bursting into flower in summer when the sun is not shining. This matches its remedy picture of aggravations from damp weather, and night time.

Rhus Tox is mainly used in home prescribing for musculoskeletal and skin conditions. It is useful for the symptoms of back aches, sprains and strains and itchy skin conditions.

Restlessness which is relieved by movement is a major characteristic of this remedy, and is repeated in different aspects of its remedy picture. Symptoms can appear in yearly cycles.

Mental/Emotional symptoms

The restlessness of this remedy is shown in the joking, restless, cheerful nature of the person who may jump from subject to subject. They may be restless during the day and irritable or sad in the evening, with causeless weeping and anxiety. They may experience suppressed anger at being in powerless situations; and are not ready to forgive. They dream of great exertions or hard work and there is desire for solitude.

Physical symptoms

Fever and Thirst: Influenza fever, restless, stiff and sore. The person may toss and turn and is worse at night. Intermittent chills with a dry cough and restlessness. Chilly, as if cold water was poured over them, followed by heat and inclination to stretch the limbs. Great thirst for cold drinks especially milk at night; dry mouth, throat and tongue.

Eyes: Acute conjunctivitis after getting wet. Eyelids: red; swollen; edematous, especially upper lid; worse in the evening. Agglutinated. Yellow discharge and small pimple-like eruptions.

Headache: Pain occurs in occiput and at nape of neck and runs over the head and forwards.

Mouth: Blisters around mouth and chin. Tongue coated, except for a red triangular section on the tip. Bitter taste in mouth. Pain in the joints of the jaw.

Throat: Symptoms appear after cold wet weather; sore throat better for warm drinks with swollen glands. Hoarseness from overstraining the voice. Sticking pains on swallowing.

Back and neck: Stiff neck from drafts. Hot, painful swelling of joints as if sprained; in hip, knee or ankle joint. Swelling around ankle after sitting too long, particularly in travel. Sciatica worse for cold, damp weather. Pain in small of back which is better for motion or lying on something hard. Pain in left shoulder.

Skin: Red, swollen, dry, hot and very itchy. Eruptions often include fluid filled blisters, with the itching being worse at night.

Sleep: Anxious and apprehensive; cannot stay in bed; constantly changing positions.

Pain: Tearing pains in tendons, ligaments and tissues. Pains may travel from left to right side.


  • Painful stiffness
  • Stiff and restless in any position
  • Nettle rash with blistery rash and intense itching
  • Shingles, chicken pox and cold sores with blisters
  • Achy flu symptoms
  • Joints initially very stiff and then better for movement.

Exciting causes  

  • Overexertion; sprains and injuries
  • Getting wet while perspiring; cold, damp weather, air conditioning


Better:       Heat; hot bath; movement; fresh air.

Worse:       Night; cold; wet weather; ice cream on hot day; over-exertion

Desires:    Cold drinks; cold milk; beer; delicacies; oysters

Aversions: Alcoholic stimulants; beer; meat; soup

Repetition of the dose: Rhus Tox may need to be repeated frequently initially

Compare to: Arnica, Nat Mur, Arsenicum

Complimentary remedies: Bryonia

Follow with: Phosphorus, Arsenicum

Always read the label and follow directions for use.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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