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Absolute Essential

Organic Essential Oil - Solar Chakra 10ml

Organic Essential Oil - Solar Chakra 10ml

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An uplifting and energising blend to encourage strength, willpower and intellectual focus. Ready to use on skin.

Enhance the flow of creativity and confidence
Apply 10-15 drops directly to the solar plexus (mid-chest) repeat as often as required.

Massage into the lower ribs, chest and mid-back area, as a daily treatment for 10 days. Creates a strong force for personal fulfilment and self-protection.


Rosemary Cineol
Rosmarinus officinalis cineol
To restore and address fatigue.

Citrus limonum
To uplift, refresh and cleanse.

Clove Bud
Eugenia caryophyllata
To stimulate and refresh.

Salvia officinalis
To calm and fortify

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