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Oracle // Earth Warriors

Oracle // Earth Warriors

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This second edition of Alana Fairchild’s bestselling Earth Warriors Oracle deck includes fully revised text and a new card design.

A new world is being born. It is founded on love and awareness, releasing the knots of fear and hate. Our new reality is gaining ground, yet during this precious transitional moment of birth, it needs protectors. Earth Warriors are guardians of this new world, inspiring humanity to prosper and thrive in loving harmony with the wisdom of life.

Defying convention and living from the heart, Earth Warriors urge humanity forward with enormous positivity and passion for meaningful contribution and sacred purpose. Ready to act for truth, Earth Warriors shine light into darkness when those who trade in fear wish to keep it hidden. Earth Warriors are wise, wild and willing to crack open mainstream conditioning with their loving consciousness of freedom. They are bright lights, creative visionaries and sacred custodians of the souls of Earth and the human collective.

Explore diverse spiritual lineages and discover a spirituality that Alana feels can overcome the walls and unite humanity. This unique oracle expresses universal wisdom to empower your soul with courage and optimism. It’s time to fulfil your sacred purpose to awaken, heal, and protect humanity and our divine planet. May we do so together, with love.


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