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Nat Mur 6c

Nat Mur 6c

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Natrum muriaticum is a tissue salt that is traditionally used for reducing the symptoms of colds that start with sneezing and the nose running like a tap. Other conditions which may benefit include dry, itchy skin in the creases of a joint, PMS, menstrual symptoms and dryness of vagina at menopause often accompanied by feelings of sadness, resentment, irritability and a desire to be alone.

The emotional symptoms of Nat mur are grief with despair, resentment and a tendency to brood and dwell over the past. It can be the result of long term emotional strain or loss. They don’t like sympathy, company or crying in public.

Natrum muriaticum / Sodium chloride

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.Nat mur addresses hay fever, cold sores, a tendency to catch colds, dry mucous membranes and melancholy.

Mental / Emotional Symptoms

The classic Nat mur patient is weary and pessimistic and may suffer the effects of long term emotional strain, grief and disappointed love and is likely to hold onto past grievances. They find it irritating when people attempt to console them and prefer to be alone when they cry. They experience anxiety and absent mindedness and can be awkward when speaking.

Physical Signs & Symptoms

The general feeling is one of great weariness and chill. There is often a strong desire or an aversion for salty foods. Very thirsty or no thirst. May appear very thin, especially around the neck and chest. There may be a sensation of cold along the spine. Pains appear and disappear gradually.

Head: Headaches that feel heavy, blinding or bursting and worse when coughing. Brain feels as though a thousand tiny hammers are striking it. Headaches of school girls. Eyes have a watery, bruised feeling. Violent sneezing, itching and tingling in the nose especially after exposure to the sun. Misty vision or zig-zag lights may accompany the headache; disturbed vision.

Face: Skin is dry, especially the lips which are often cracked at the edges or down the middle. Skin may be pale and the forehead and face can appear oily. Skin eruptions may appear on the forehead, around hair line and on the side of the nose. Cold sores on lips or nose.

Eyes: Itching, burning and profuse watering. There is a constant desire to rub the eyes, with a gritty feeling and red, sore lids. Photophobia which is worse in the sunlight. Tears stream down the face when coughing. Pain in the eyes when looking down. Eyestrain. Dry eyes. Eyes feel bruised with headache in school aged kids.

Nose: A tendency to catch colds and hay fever which begins with much sneezing. Discharges are watery, copious, rarely irritating, sometimes thick and white, frothy or clear like egg white. Nostrils and nose may be sore with a loss of smell and taste. May be accompanied by a cold sore.

Mouth: Lips and the corners of the mouth are dry, or cracked. There may be a deep crack in the middle of the lower lip. Watery, pearl like blisters on the lips or inside the nose that are puffy and burning. Cold sores around the lips that may appear with a cold, sun exposure or after an emotional upset. Ulcers in mouth and on the tongue which smart and burn when touched by food. Sense of dryness. Loss of taste and smell, or a salty taste. Breath hot and offensive. Teeth sensitive to air or touch.

Lungs: Takes cold easily; tears flow while coughing; disturbed breathing especially when going upstairs.

Limbs: Arms, legs and especially knees feel weak. Swollen ankles, cold limbs. Palms hot. Hangnail. Children slow to start walking.

Skin: Dry, flaky, there may be eruptions along the hairline or creases of the joints. Skin that is red, raw and inflamed, worse for eating salty foods. Warts on forehead, palms of hands, creases of the fingers. Cold sores.

Female: PMS. Irregular menstrual periods that are either scanty or profuse. Feels hot during menses.

Rectum: Constipation, watery diarrhoea, diarrhoea with mucous. Stools may be little balls, or hard dry and crumbling; they are passed only with great straining and effort. There is a feeling of being ‘unfinished’ even after passing a stool.

Sleep: Sleepless from grief. Talks or cries in sleep. Sleepwalking. Sleep prevented by a persistent idea. Awakes feeling weak. Dreams of robbers.

Food: Desires salty foods or is averse to them. Loves bitter and sour foods. Very thirsty or no thirst. Sweats while eating. Dislikes meat, fat, coffee, tobacco and anything slimy, like oysters. Hungry, yet loses weight.


  • pains appear and disappear slowly
  • colds with sneezing, running nose, loss of smell and taste
  • hay fever
  • cold sores
  • chronic headaches
  • grief or sadness with aversion to company
  • emotionally vulnerable and easily offended

Exciting causes

  • effects of grief, disappointment, guilt, fright or fits of passion
  • heat of the sun, sunlight
  • salt eating


Better: cold, rest, seashore, deep breathing, fasting, cold bathing

Worse: consolation, fatty food, sugar, milk, bread, storms, heat, closed rooms, between 10-11am, seashore, thunder

Desires: solitude, very thirsty or no thirst, craving or aversion to salt, bread, fish, milk

Aversions: bread, chicken, honey, fats, rich food, meat, coffee

Compare to: Sepia – sadness during menses

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.   If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.

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