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Tamara Aurora

Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer

Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer

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Worried about phone radiation? Neutralize noxious Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitted from your mobile phone, laptop, and all portable devices with the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer.

Is radiation from mobile phones harmful? All mobile phones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices radiate a dangerous EMF field which is potentially harmful to its users and those surrounding the devices. Mobile phones risk EMF stress in the body as soon as someone touches them or is around them. This includes babies, children, teenagers, and adults.Your phone can also emit dangerous phone radiation while in use or even when placed in a pocket or handbag.

This results in EMF stress on the body, adversely affecting your organs' vital life energy and meridian channels.Noxious energy released from prolonged use of mobile phones may cause 'Hot Head Syndrome.' So if you feel sick, dizzy, or get a hot head while using your mobile phone, your body may be under EMF stress.

How Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer worksMade from Orgone Effects® exclusive Orgonium® process, the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer creates a healthy negative charge energy field that neutralizes the harmful positive charge energy field emitted from mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 

The harmonizer has been field tested and proven for effectiveness and is well-respected by Accredited Kinesiologists, Bioresonance practitioners, Naturopaths, and Chiropractors worldwide. Its strong capabilities protect you and your loved ones from harmful mobile and Wi-Fi EMF radiation.

  • Can be placed between the protective cover and the back of the phone for easy removal
  • Harmonizing ability that will last a lifetime
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide
  • Made from Orgone Effects® exclusive Orgonium® process
  • Durable and works on any mobile phone or portable wireless device
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