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Mindful Foods

Mindful Foods STARDUST Yellow "Anti-Inflammatory" Organic

Mindful Foods STARDUST Yellow "Anti-Inflammatory" Organic

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We can use food as medicine in our everyday lives, to help realign us to a state of balance. Turmeric and black pepper work synergistically to reduce inflammation in the body, with pepper increasing the absorption of Curcumin 20-fold. The inclusion of cinnamon and ginger make this a grounding blend - earthy and nutty, tastefully uplifted with green mango and lemon. Enjoy daily, and use for inflammation management. Nourish your inner sparkle!


High Potency Turmeric (5% curcumin)* Ginger* Ceylon Cinnamon* Green Mango* Lemon Powder* Black Pepper*

*Certified organic ingredient

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