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Kali Bic 6c

Kali Bic 6c

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Kali bic has been used traditionally for symptoms of sinusitis with thick, ropy, yellow, stringy discharge, or so congested that there is no discharge, catarrhal headache, difficult expectoration, and throat symptoms.

Kalium Bichromicum – Bichromate of Potash

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.

A classic remedy for sinus symptoms and headaches, Kali bic relates to conditions of the air passages and stomach where the mucous has become thick, sticky, ropy, yellow, or so tough that it may be blocking the nose entirely and causing pressure in the face and head. On a general level the person may feel very fatigued; pains wander from place to place in the body and sensations seems to be concentrated in small spots. Complaints of hot weather.

Mental/Emotional symptoms

A typical Kali bic state is seen in the person’s tendency to adhere to routine and conform to the norm; they like things to be done on schedule and by the rules. The mental/emotional aspect of this remedy is not pronounced as the person is more likely to focus on their physical complaints.

Physical symptoms

Sensitivity to draughts; chilly and worse from becoming cold. Likes to be rugged up. Pains appear and disappear suddenly. Person may be predisposed to catarrhal conditions. Tired and wanting bed rest. Pains appear in small spots, and move quickly from place to place. Rheumatic and gastric symptoms alternate. Generally worse at 1 am; complaints may have a pattern – worse at the same time daily.

Head: Headache with pain in one spot. Headache over eyebrows. Aching fullness and pain in the bridge of the nose. Bones of the head feel sore.

Mouth and Throat: Hoarseness. Metallic taste. A feeling as if there is a hair on the tongue. Tongue may be red, dry and shining. Discharge is thick and stringy.

Nose: Dryness; pressure, pain or burning at root of nose. Plugs and crusts in nose that leave sore places or ulcerations when removed especially in the septum. Chronic sinus issues or thick catarrh. Thick, yellow-green, stringy mucous that may be ropy or jelly-like, or congestion so intense that there is no discharge. Loss of smell. Post nasal drip.

Eyes: Inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. Photophobia in daylight only.

Chest: Chest complaints worse at 1-2 am. Productive cough with thick or stringy yellow/green sputum with difficult expectoration that is glutinous or sticky, coming out in tenacious strings. Cough worse in the morning on waking and worse for eating.

Stomach: Stomach complaints alternate with joint or chest complaints. Belching and burning pains in the stomach. Craving for sweets. Aversion to meat and a general aggravation from beer. Symptoms come on immediately after eating.

Limbs: Rheumatic pains that shift from joint to joint. Sciatic pains – left sided, that come and go quickly, and feel better for movement. Pain in the soles of the feet, especially the heels. Pains move from place to place quickly. Weakness. Pains in small spots.

Pains: Sharp; stitching, moving especially about the joints; appear and disappear rapidly usually in small spots. Alternating pains.

• Obstructed nose
• Thick, ropy, yellow-green, stringy mucous
• Sinus headache
• Ulceration

Exciting causes: Suppressed catarrh; excess alcohol; undressing in cold air.

Better:    warmth; motion; pressure; steam inhalations.
Worse:    from becoming cold or damp; morning on waking; 2-5am; summer heat.
Desires:   beer; cold drinks; wine, acidic drinks.
Aversions:   meat; water; drinks; smoking, potato, coffee.

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

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