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Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber Book

Homoeopathy for the Home Prescriber Book

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This book is written to provide information and support for the homoeopathic home prescriber. Homoeopathic remedies can be used for the self treatment of every day simple ailments such as bumps and bruises, bites and stings, colds, coughs, tummy upsets, study and exam problems and many more.

The beginner should start with low potency remedies usually 6c potency. This low potency allows you to choose from common remedies a remedy which will stimulate a healing response and re-instate good health and a sense of well being. A close remedy will often stimulate a healing response but it may take a little longer to act than the most ‘similar’ remedy would.

Choosing a remedy to suit the entire person rather than just for a few symptoms is known as Constitutional prescribing. Uncomplicated problems are usually treated very effectively with home prescribing but for recurrent and stubborn cases, Constitutional treatment by a Homoeopath will result in a deeper, more sustained result. Chronic long-term illnesses that can be treated include ailments such as insomnia, constipation, menstrual disorders, acne, eczema and sinusitis. A medicine prescribed by your Homoeopath covers the state of mind, as well as physical complaints.

This fabulous and inexpensive little book gives you instant access to a wealth of information about commonly-used remedies, symptom pictures and a Materia Medica. A must-have for the home, office, and for travelling. 12,000 of these books have been sold Australia wide.

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