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Bean 'Windsor Long Pod' Heirloom Seeds

Bean 'Windsor Long Pod' Heirloom Seeds

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About this product

This popular bush bean has 15-20cm long green, flat pods and attractive, long, deep red seeds. Pick young pods regularly so they are stringless and to promote further flowering and production. 

When to plant

zone 1: october - december

zone 2: september - february

zone 3: august - april

zone 4: any

for zone map click here

soil: beans fix your soil with nitrogen that they naturally produce, so a moderately fertile, free-draining soil is required. Ensuring ph is within the recommended range. soil ph level 6.5-7.0 position: full sun, preferably in an area of your patch that allows them to be trained vertically and therefore conserve space.

Details • Made in Australia • Weight: 4.5 g (0.2 oz)

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